If you are interested in the cultural or natural treasures of this country, we are pleased to suggest you some interesting itineraries:
- take a walk through the paths of the Tableland of Monte Prat, Monte Corno and through the near lanes of the River Tagliamento’s Park, or ride with one of our mountain bikes.
- visit the nature park of griffons in the Nature Reserve of Cornino Lake; with the help of qualified guides you can observe the characteristics of this small lake of glacial age origin and of its inhabitants – the griffons, which have been re-introduced in this habitat. During the Christmas’ night you can appreciate also a very particular show: after the Christmas Mass, the scuba divers bring up from the depth of the lake a crib;
- visit the archaeological site of Castelraimondo, where you can find an ancient pre-roman site and a late-imperial tower (this location had the strategic function of defending the northern frontiers of the Roman Empire)
- visit the beautiful Butterfly’s House of Bordano; you can observe there more of 400 species of butterflies. You can also do bird-watching: in this locality many species of birds and butterflies have found their natural habitat.
If you are fond of fishing, you can go fishing in the sport fishing facilities situated near the Hotel.






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